Friday, December 30, 2016

Mercury Retrograde...What does it feel like?

Déjà vu happens.

If you are me, it happens often and lately all the time. I am sure the fact that I am in that void place between big projects where I have the time and space to crawl into my cave of quiet, make soup and dream, has a lot to do with the intensity and frequency of them showing up.

Of course when it comes to feelings, I can only describe these sensations in hopes that you can pick up on a little bit of what it is really like from my perspective.
This morning I had a chat with my friend Tamara Patzer. The conversation left me deeply inspired and really open to possibilities for the coming year.

If you are a creative person you know that this is one of the best feelings, full of hope and belief. Tami is a sizzling launch pad ready to shoot you and your project like a rocket into the recognition you deserve!

I highly recommend connecting with her!

She blew my mind!
After our conversation, I decided to take a mental break and  indulge in one of my favorite relax-time indulges: watching a movie.

So what has this all got to do with Mercury Retrograde?
First let's have a look at some facts about Mercury.

Astronomically, he number one to our Sun and though he makes his orbital rounds in 88 days, it takes him 59 days to turn on his axis from day to night.

Given that this represents our communication and basic learning skills, we are presented with an interesting mirror regarding how we get into tape-loops of ideas and verbal patterns: slow to transform and fast to assume.
Mercury was named for the messenger of the Gods also known as Hermes. He is super fast, able to cross over worlds, and carries a really cool caduceus.

This God is a trickster and really quick to figure things out. Just four hours after his birth he found a tortoise shell and strung it into a lute!

This planet we named for the God Mercury is a small neighbor who travels closest to our Sun.

He began his current and final retrograde of 2016 at the midpoint of Capricorn back on December 19th and is swirling in his curvy path back through these 15 degrees and into the very tail end of the centaur to 28° Sagittarius 58' where he hits the breaks before continuing forward once again on January 8, 2017.
Though many Mercury retrograde periods have come and gone over the years I must say this one, right now, is feeling a lot different to me.

Sure I am seeing computer anomalies like my screen turning black and playing peek-a-boo and my friends are telling me about their computers and phones acting wacky, but what is different this time is an eerie sense of being here before.

Enter my afternoon matinee "The Zero Theorem," movie.
This one had been sitting in my "To Watch" list for a very long time. I actually have no idea what led me to it today. I just clicked on the thumbnail and whoosh!
As soon as the opening images lit up the screen I was having all sorts of  Déjà vu sensations and not just a wow, I think I have been here before but I had been in there before, in that realm! 

The set of the movie had been in a very vivid dream of mine a few years ago and even stranger, the character played by Christopher Walsh had been in the dream with me!

This is a whole lot of weird Mercury retrograde stuff. 
Did Terry Gilliam creep in my head and direct one of my dreams? And if he did, why was this all coming out today? It actually makes a lot of sense!
This is the kind of nuttiness I am betting this retrograde is bringing you also!
I could certainly spend a bunch of your time telling you why in my chart, but I would much rather show you the weird and wonderful magic that is happening in yours. 
The bottom-line message is:
Get On With IT! 
Need help?
Contact me for a session, lets' launch you into the New Year right!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

What is Jyotisha?

All countries are curious about the effects of the stars and planets. The Vedas have three daughters: Yoga=mind, Ayurveda+body and Jyotisha=Spirit.

Jyotisha is the science of light. Light is spirit. It involves the tracking and predicting the movements of astronomical bodies.

Jyotisha is one of the six Vendagas:
Shiksha This is the Science of phonetics, phonology, and It is a discipline focused on the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Of the utmost importance is accent, quantity, stress, melody and rules of the euphonious combination of words during Vedic recitation.

Chandas Poetic meters, including those based on fixed number of syllables per verse, and those based on fixed number of morae or fixed weight of syllable, per verse.

Vyakarana The analysis of grammar and linguistic analysis having to do with the rules of grammar in order to establish the exact form of words and sentences to properly express ideas.
Nirukta The etymology and explanation of words, particularly those that are archaic and have ancient uses with unclear meaning.

Kalpa These are ritual instructions of standardizing procedures for Vedic rituals and rites of passage associated with major life events such as birth, wedding and death in family, as well as discussing the personal conduct and proper duties of an individual in different stages of life.

Jyotisha The mathematical determining of auspicious time for rituals, and the practice of Astrology and astronomy particularly having to do with time keeping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ambika's Full Moon Tarot Party 12 13 2016

An AMAZING FUN Monthly Party at Vero Beach Hotel and Spa!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

What does the glyph for the sign of Cancer mean? Look more closely it is not the number 69!

Long before the Zodiac signs were related to animals they were represented by numbers and explained through sutras—poetic phrase. The sign we call Cancer is sign number four.
This is an area which represents contentment and deeper rooting. The heart and emotional capacity as well as a sense of home and security are established here. It is where an individual begins to thrive through understanding and is given the opportunity to gain autonomy. The Lunar Goddess rules all of this and her phases lead us through monthly patterns associated with this ebb and flow of evolutionary progress.

The symbol of the sign number IV Cancer, is easily mistaken for numeral sixty nine, but it is not!
Look more closely and you can see the two circles which represent the new and full moon and two crescents which represent the 1st quarter and the last quarter phases.

The crab was chosen as the animal to represent the sign due to habitual behavior like considering home and collecting of great importance as well as nocturnal preference. Perhaps also due to the claws resembling the path of the Lunar orb!
Engage me for a session and open up a whole new world of greatness and happiness!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Solstice and a Full Moon in Cancer June 20, 2016©Ambika Devi

A Solstice is a powerful energetic gateway whose energy covers an arc of three days. This is due to a reduction in the magnetic field of our Earth which allows a greater influx of cosmic radiation to penetrate the atmosphere. This profoundly affects our psyche, the body, and our DNA.
The Moon peaks to Full tomorrow morning East Coast time just twelve hours before the Cancer Ingression of the Summer Solstice here in the Northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
Having a Full Moon crown so closely to this seasonal event is a rare occurrence. This greatly magnifies the transformative potential. The last time there was a full moon on the same day as the Cancer Solstice was in 1967 and the next time is to be 2062 utilizing UT or Universal Time to measure. The last time we had a Full Moon of grace a solstice was December 21, 2010.
Here is the chart:
Think back to those dates. What was going on in your life? Take time to journal and draw about it. What were you dreaming of changing? Now ask yourself what you really want for your personal happiness and the wellbeing of the greater. 

The energy of the sign of Cancer provides and environment of contentment and deeper rooting. The heart and our emotional capacity as well as a sense of home and security are established here within this sign. When we experience the moon in her home sign of the number four, our emotions intensify as well as the potential for clear Psychic vision. When we are under the influence of the sign of Cancer we thrive through understanding and are given the opportunity to gain autonomy.

Celebrate the Great Mother Goddess and this week's Full Moon in Cancer Solstice with an Astrology or Tarot reading. Check in here on Yelp at the beginning of your session and receive an instant $20 off!

Happy Solstice with Love,
Ambika Devi

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pisces Solar Eclipse—feeling it already

That's the thing about the sign of the two fishes—feelings.
This past week I have spoken with many who ask me why it feels like Mercury is still in retrograde even though the messenger went direct weeks ago and what is going on.
Indeed it feels like a tidal wave of nebulous sensations is washing over us.
Dreams have become misty and those of us who enjoy clarity are finding less and less of it.
Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is definitely responsible for all of this.

The trident wielding, ruler of the waters is laying it on us now.

So, just for tonight, I recommend staying inside. There is no need to look for the eclipse if it is already night in your corner of the world. The shadow begins of the coast of California and travels across Indonesia. As I said on the radio last Sunday, let's all keep our eyes on the Pacific rim for earthly response.

The next two weeks leading up to the paired Lunar eclipse are sure to show many unexpected events just in time for the political races. Large waves of emotions are splashing around. Stillness is better than fighting the currents. For now, just stay peaceful and calm and perhaps take a bath and honor the watery realm.

For insights as to how this all affects you directly, contact me for a consultation. May you float gently with the tides.

May peaceful dreams grace you.
Love,  Ambika