Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday 13th is belongs to the Goddess and planet Venus

 Friday 13th is belongs to the Goddess and planet Venus.
In the Zodiac, I am a Scorpio, associated with the powers of thirteen through the Tarot card: Death. It doesn’t scare me so why would it scare you? The number thirteen represents letting go, generation and regeneration. These are good things in nature.
The Egyptians both honored and feared the number thirteen. They believed that there are twelve steps upon the ladder leading to eternal life, to take the thirteenth step meant going through death and embarking on the everlasting. Ancient cultures considered the thirteenth year the transition of a child into adulthood
The Romans decided thirteen was associated with bad luck and pernicious omens. Before the Roman=s freaked out about this number no one thought thirteen was questionable. The Christians followed the Roman’s ideas and developed the belief that thirteen was foul fortune and an especially bad number for a dinner party. 
The Maya had thirteen months each comprised of twenty days plus five rest days. These five rest days were set aside for fasting, clearing and avoiding work. These occur each year when the planet Venus is not visible as either morning or evening star and were considered unlucky. It is funny how thirteen became the bad number.
Thirteen began to get a bad rap in other cultures leading to modern times. Today we find no thirteenth room or floor in larger more public buildings. Back when I went to college for art, I lived in an old fifteen floor building. I happily had a room on the thirteenth floor—yes, we had one! I and my fellow thirteenth floor residents all shared a fondness for the fact that we were in one of the few buildings in Philadelphia which possessed a thirteenth floor. It was like Halloween every day on our hall

Friday is named for the Norse goddess Freyja; this is the fifth day of the week associated with the Venus cycle and her five orbital conjunctions with the Earth. The number 13 is also associated with Venus as this is the number of orbits around the sun that Venus makes during this cycle.
The western belief that this day is unlucky began in the 19th century, probably due to the story about the Knights Templar being hunted down and murdered on Friday 13, 1307 by the Roman Church. It is likely that this date was chosen by the Church to persecute the wisdom keepers of the Temple of Jerusalem due to the ancient association of Venus with harmonic coincidence
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The Templars did cognate the orbital rose-like pattern that Venus forms in her graceful golden ratio cosmic drawings in orbit. This magickal ratio is a constant of nature. It has long been understood to have the acoustical effect of damping harmonic resonance. Friday 13th is thus became symbolic of an anti-harmonious day.
However, this damping action of the golden ratio is also the very thing that prevents over-resonance in nature and enables atoms to bond, planets to form, and amino acids to stick together into living organisms. Therefore we could just as easily consider Friday the 13th to be considered Coherence Day.
There are further stories of the ancient ones choosing not to work but rather to cavort and frolic, drinking wine, eating chocolate, and making love in celebration of the Goddess, rather than working. This was not good for taxation and was therefore labeled as bad luck—how silly.
Go ahead, celebrate Venus today! Happy Coherence day!
 Happy Double Venus Day! Do something lush and enjoy life in celebration of the Goddess!
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