Friday, March 2, 2018

Venus is exalted today!

Venus is exalted today!
How auspicious to have this within the orb of the Virgo Full Moon of yesterday which is celebrated in some parts of the world as the festival of colors known as Holi.
This is a day of universal love! The planet Venus is considered exalted in Pisces as this is a sign of universal love, richly creative and lush.
Celebrate today with an act of kindness to self! Take some time in nature and a fragrant bath. Go ahead, eat chocolate and indulge a little more than you have allowed yourself recently.
Pisces has no boundaries, like fog that forms a seeming ocean of mystery. The realm of the two fishes holds the potential to transcend all physical boundaries. Plant your wish seeds well!
The area of your natal chart being transited by this lovely evening star is unique to the areas of life in which you are primed to manifest. Look to your chart for the sector of Pisces. Need a reading?
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