Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mars Perihelion this July

Mars is now the brightest orb in the night sky outshining Sirius. This is due to his current perihelion path. He is going to reach his closest proximity to our blue planet on July 27. In addition, Mars is to go station—the appearance of standing still—on June 19 and begins a retrograde cycle on June 20. 

This picture is Mars in the evening sky June 9, 2018.
Anything on your drawing board that you want to bring to fruition can be focused on now as the red planet approaches this celestial event. In planetary relationships Pluto is the Alchemist and Mars inflames the fires. Both are responsible for rulership of Scorpio. This gives us a lot of potential for transformation and change but also for destruction. So, if you have anything you have been having a hard time letting go of, the next few months are going to help.
On July 27 Mars is going to oppose the Sun in Leo. This carries a lot of fire. Are things going to burn down? We shall see. I suggest exercising a great deal of care with flames and fires especially in conversations and relationships.
We can also put this to good use. If you have a project that you have had sitting on the back burner, now is the time to bring it forward and get it done. If you have any volatile conversations waiting to happen, I also urge you to handle them now.
We are sure to see many amazing creative breakthroughs in the media during these next few months as Mars completes his retrograde cycle on August 27. There can still be lingering effect through September 30 when Mars reaches his starting point for this progression.
How this affects you depends on where this transits your natal chart. I am available for natal and transit readings by phone and Skype as well as in person. 
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Keep looking up! The stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator!
Love, Ambika Devi

Friday, May 11, 2018

Jupiter in retrograde 2018, is it misty or just me?

A little planetary wisdom about the current celestial sky from Ambika Devi!

The last few days have brought forth conversations with clients, students, and friends asking questions about the feel of the current energy around us. My response has been that this is likely due to Jupiter's position and current retrograde where he is presently in the sign of Scorpio.

Yesterday on May 10, the great gassy, giant reached perihelion which is when he is closest to our Sun. All of this heat can scorch projects that have been cooking on your creative stove. Take care to give them proper attention.
Jupiter governs our quest for truth and knowledge. He represents our greatest teachers. Look around; perhaps something you thought you were done with has resurfaced? The greatest investment that can be made in honor of Jupiter is learning.
The topic of struggle seems to be a current theme and so I offer this little book by Stuart Wilde,
The sign of the scorpion gives us the potential of razor-like attention and insists we dive deeply into all personal matters. This assures our ability to clean them out more successfully. 

Great things can come of this transit should you choose to point your focus inward. Dial in past the smoky curtain of confusion and place your primal instincts in a temporary time-out. This is going to help you keep your composure and prevent unwanted mistakes!

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Need something to help you right away? 
Try writing a letter from 90 year old you to present moment you!
I look forward to your greatness!
Love, Ambika Devi

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday 13th is belongs to the Goddess and planet Venus

 Friday 13th is belongs to the Goddess and planet Venus.
In the Zodiac, I am a Scorpio, associated with the powers of thirteen through the Tarot card: Death. It doesn’t scare me so why would it scare you? The number thirteen represents letting go, generation and regeneration. These are good things in nature.
The Egyptians both honored and feared the number thirteen. They believed that there are twelve steps upon the ladder leading to eternal life, to take the thirteenth step meant going through death and embarking on the everlasting. Ancient cultures considered the thirteenth year the transition of a child into adulthood
The Romans decided thirteen was associated with bad luck and pernicious omens. Before the Roman=s freaked out about this number no one thought thirteen was questionable. The Christians followed the Roman’s ideas and developed the belief that thirteen was foul fortune and an especially bad number for a dinner party. 
The Maya had thirteen months each comprised of twenty days plus five rest days. These five rest days were set aside for fasting, clearing and avoiding work. These occur each year when the planet Venus is not visible as either morning or evening star and were considered unlucky. It is funny how thirteen became the bad number.
Thirteen began to get a bad rap in other cultures leading to modern times. Today we find no thirteenth room or floor in larger more public buildings. Back when I went to college for art, I lived in an old fifteen floor building. I happily had a room on the thirteenth floor—yes, we had one! I and my fellow thirteenth floor residents all shared a fondness for the fact that we were in one of the few buildings in Philadelphia which possessed a thirteenth floor. It was like Halloween every day on our hall

Friday is named for the Norse goddess Freyja; this is the fifth day of the week associated with the Venus cycle and her five orbital conjunctions with the Earth. The number 13 is also associated with Venus as this is the number of orbits around the sun that Venus makes during this cycle.
The western belief that this day is unlucky began in the 19th century, probably due to the story about the Knights Templar being hunted down and murdered on Friday 13, 1307 by the Roman Church. It is likely that this date was chosen by the Church to persecute the wisdom keepers of the Temple of Jerusalem due to the ancient association of Venus with harmonic coincidence
This gig was created by:

The Templars did cognate the orbital rose-like pattern that Venus forms in her graceful golden ratio cosmic drawings in orbit. This magickal ratio is a constant of nature. It has long been understood to have the acoustical effect of damping harmonic resonance. Friday 13th is thus became symbolic of an anti-harmonious day.
However, this damping action of the golden ratio is also the very thing that prevents over-resonance in nature and enables atoms to bond, planets to form, and amino acids to stick together into living organisms. Therefore we could just as easily consider Friday the 13th to be considered Coherence Day.
There are further stories of the ancient ones choosing not to work but rather to cavort and frolic, drinking wine, eating chocolate, and making love in celebration of the Goddess, rather than working. This was not good for taxation and was therefore labeled as bad luck—how silly.
Go ahead, celebrate Venus today! Happy Coherence day!
 Happy Double Venus Day! Do something lush and enjoy life in celebration of the Goddess!
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Friday, March 2, 2018

Venus is exalted today!

Venus is exalted today!
How auspicious to have this within the orb of the Virgo Full Moon of yesterday which is celebrated in some parts of the world as the festival of colors known as Holi.
This is a day of universal love! The planet Venus is considered exalted in Pisces as this is a sign of universal love, richly creative and lush.
Celebrate today with an act of kindness to self! Take some time in nature and a fragrant bath. Go ahead, eat chocolate and indulge a little more than you have allowed yourself recently.
Pisces has no boundaries, like fog that forms a seeming ocean of mystery. The realm of the two fishes holds the potential to transcend all physical boundaries. Plant your wish seeds well!
The area of your natal chart being transited by this lovely evening star is unique to the areas of life in which you are primed to manifest. Look to your chart for the sector of Pisces. Need a reading?
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn December 6, 2017

Retrograding Mercury has swooped back to connect with Saturn in Sagittarius. While the two converse today it is a good idea to get things cleaned up. If you have stagnant situations in stalemate, this could be the needed push to get them handled and cleared out.
Mercury backpedaling in his own sign of Gemini inspires possibility. Today, as he connects with Saturn in the sign of the archer, we are given an opportunity to look at the conversations of the last few days and those that are yet to be initiated.
The re-evaluative actions of this current transit to your natal chart shows the area in life where this is much needed. Ask yourself what you have sitting on the back-burner that needs to be brought forward. Are there structures or constructs in need of review and rehabilitation?

Oh so often there is much chatter pointing at the destructive nature of the trickster in retrograde. We are privy to murmurs warnings not to sign contracts, not to travel. I prefer to show you the proactive use of such energy.
The truth is, that a journey which takes place in the middle of Mercury retrograde is often wonderful. The key is to depart and return during the retrograde. It is when we begin or end outside of the margins set by his stationary points that we experience challenge.
A retrograde of any planet—and keep in mind they all do have retrograde periods of sweeping back degrees and sometimes a sign—is an opportunity! All the words you can come up with that begin with the letters “R” and “E” come into play. Here is a great list to help you. Look at the planet and its nature. In this case Mercury, the swift and often comical messenger. Words I am already experiencing this go-around are: Relax, read, renew, reveal, review, retrospective, reconstruct, remix, and rehabilitate. The contact of Mercury with stable Saturn gives a stronger foundation and infuses your ability to ground this into a useful and interconnected outcome. 
Look over 2017 and ask yourself what you would like to complete. Then make a plan and begin to think about whom you would like to engage as a strong ally. Mars is sextile to the pair lending a boost of balance in his last days in Libra as he moves onward December 9, into his home sign of Scorpio.
As 2017—a number 1 year—comes to a close: 2+0+1+7=10=1, realize that you have dropped many seeds. Perhaps you are aware of them, perhaps not. Any good garden needs a bit of care and weeding. Do all the clearing and renewing you are able to muster before the next New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18. This sets a tone for 2018, a master number year of 11 thus 2, when we embark on new partnerships and the journeys they bring
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Remember, life is how you planet!
Keep looking up; the stars are there to guide you. It always helps to have a great navigator and I am at your service! I send LOVE to you and your relations wishing you all the best in 2018!