Friday, July 27, 2018

Total Eclipse of the Moon July 27, 2018

Celebrate the longest Total Eclipse of the Moon I have ever witnessed at 4:20:22 p.m. East Coast time today! Yes you read me right! Read on for all the details!

A Lunar Eclipse is caused by the Earth casting a shadow on the Full Moon as a result of it passing between the Sun and the Moon.

I would like to debunk statements that have been flying around the web the last few days due to today's Full Moon having a cosmic ton of hype associated with it.

1. False nonsense: The moon is going through an entire lunation cycle.

THE TRUTH: The Moon is Full during a Lunar eclipse. The fact is that it "appears to go through a cycle due to the progressive shadow being cast as a result of the Earth's shadow!
 The Moon remains full during a Lunar Eclipse!

2. False nonsense: This is the Blood Moon
THE TRUTH: Today's Eclipse produces a red colored Full Moon. The Blood Moon occurs in October. An easy way to remember this is think of pumpkins when you think of a reddish moon.

Many cultures give different names to the Full Moons. Different full moon names are found among the Celtic, Old English, and Native American cultures.
For more information on a variety of namesfor the Full Moons please visit:

It is true that today's Total Lunar eclipse is to be the longest one of the 21st century measuring at one hour and 43 minutes, and yes it is happening during a Mercury retrograde that began yesterday on July 26. For more accurate information on Mercury retrogrades please visit:
 Is this a big deal? That depends on your personal experience and where this lunation is transiting your chart!
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So why is this being called a Blood Moon?
This is due to the color the Moon will appear to have in areas where it is visible.
When our Full Moon is totally eclipsed; a reddish-brown color occurs.
When the Moon travels through the shadow during an eclipse—technically called the Earth's umbra which is the center portion of a shadow created— only a small portion of sunlight can reach the lunar surface through the Earth's atmosphere.
Due to this light waves become stretched out and create a reddish hue. This dark reddish hue looks similar to blood, and so we have the name!
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With LOVE and Magick always,
Ambika Devi