Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hunka a hunka burnin’ Leo in this New Moon!

Yes! This New Moon in Leo kicks it off for the upcoming eclipse cycle. We are feeling fiery due to so much of the Lion’s heat in the atmosphere! Leo is lover energy so where do you want to plug yours in? Think it over and get to manifesting. First we must be grateful for what we have.
Next, let go of that which does not serve us and the greater.
Then, we can let it go to the fiery power of the Sun and allow it to incinerate this into the fertile soil of our hopes and wishes. 
Next we plant the seed of desire.
Finally we sit in stillness and allow, fully receiving, deeply grateful.
Mars is conjunct the event adding more fuel to the fire. Do be careful with things that burn easily and around fire of all sorts. Let us focus positive energy on our Mother Earth and all sentient beings to cool and sooth this planetary heatwave so that we can put the alchemical fires to good use. 
Keep track of your dreams these next few nights for Luna is sure to whisper a few cryptic messages to you from your psyche. Be sure to take notes and share them with me.
Here is the chart for today's New Moon.
The coming lunar eclipse on August, 7, the next Full Moon due in a fortnight, sets us up for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 29. 
Keep looking up; the stars are there to guide you!
Love, Ambika Devi