Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scorpio Full Moon May 10, 2017 5:42:24 pm EDT

Full Moon in Scorpio can drag us under into a seemingly alternate universe where we can find ourselves in the realm of Pluto. You have choices to make. Can you burn off those last bits of what does not serve a higher purpose for all? Is it time to surrender and transform? Or, are you simply going to try to crumble after an exhausting fight?
Scorpio does not mess around. One of the superpowers of this sign is the ability to transform. Just when you think you might be getting ahead, another obstacle shows up that had not been in the picture moments ago. The lesson here is work with the energy and be a co-creator.
Scorpio is a shapeshifter which is perhaps why the sign is so misunderstood. The Scorpio energy is intensely creative and has the ability to help you with everything from inspiring your projects to fruition to removing everything that does not work, whether you can see it or not!
Look around and choose something to focus on, a project a relationship or a prayer. Now light a candle and burn some incense or smolder some herbs. Being a Scorpio I choose patchouli. This sign appreciates everything from earthy gums and resins like myrrh and frankincense to sweet floral high notes including Ylang Ylang and Jasmine and it is no wonder my vines are in full bloom now!
This is a great lunation for initiation, purification, transformation, letting go of past pain, and spiritual rebirth. May your dreams unravel the mysteries of your journeys during this fortnight. For your information a fortnight is the period of days between a Full Moon and the next New Moon which equal 14.77 earth time days.