Monday, January 30, 2017

Catch the Lovers in the act!

A sky-dance is happening between the ancient lovers Venus and Mars with Diana, the Maiden aspect of the Moon looking on.
 If you have not been looking at Venus each and every evening then tonight is the night to begin! A few weeks ago they looked like this:
These bodies are close to us now and showing bright and big in the sky. This evening, when the sun goes down, step outside and look southwest slightly by west.  There you can see the crescent Moon approaching Venus and Mars.
 Tomorrow evening on January 31, 2017 we can see a beautiful sunset conjunction.

Try to catch them before the sky fades to black.  A conjunction of bright planets framed by twilight blue is especially lovely!

The ancient story goes like this:
Venus, a beautiful and attractive goddess was married to Vulcan the God of the Forge. He was married more to his work and was less than desirable lover.
He knew his wife often found her way into the arms of her viral lover, Mars, and so he decided to catch them in the act. Vulcan forged a net of gold chains and told Venus he was going on a trip to Lemnos.  He then hid in the rafters of their home and waited. As he anticipated, Venus summoned her lover to join her. Outraged, Vulcan called to the Gods on Mount Olympus to come and witness the infidelity. Vulcan then trapped the lovers in his golden net.
The female Goddesses refused to chastise Venus. The Gods, just gawked. mercury told Apollo that he would gladly change places with Mars. Later he would have the opportunity and the result would be the hermaphrodite. Finally at the insistence of Neptune, the chains of love were released.
Interesting fact: The astronomy of this story is playing out exactly right now and tomorrow evening!
Notice how on the Sky Map Neptune is so close!

Where this is taking place in transit to your natal chart is of the utmost importance!

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Now, run outside and gaze up!

A postscript from Ambika.

Last evening I took my own advice and after a sunset meditation, went outside to bask in the energy of these planets. Wanting to add another image I snapped on and though the Moon was a lovely crescent, my camera saw more of an orb. I chose this one as I am drawn to the unusual texture in Venus as well. Mars is there very fain and though Neptune is present, we are unable to see him.
It amazes me how the characters in this story are present in our evening sky! 
If you are wondering where Vulcan is, he can be found near the setting Sun opposite this show!

Go on back outside!