Saturday, August 19, 2017

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

The power of a Total Solar Eclipse can remove and unblock the path of life when we clearly focus and plant seeds of good intention. During a Solar Eclipse, the psyche represented by the Moon is covering the ego, represented by the Sun. This casts a shadow and draws a line across the Earth, which represents our bodies and mundane world as we perceive it.
We ride on the back of the Great Turtle through the Cosmic Ocean of oneness. If we look through the rearview mirror, we can see that each step taken has been deliberate and steady. From her giant back the winds of change and oceans of emotions envelop and often sweep us away. May your actions be slow and deliberate like her great body and may your thoughts be of peace. May you find the harmonic music of the spheres soothing as you weather the waves of emotion through this turbulent and magically transformative time.

The main question to ask oneself now is, “What do I really want to change in myself and in the world?”
This eclipse takes place aligned with the star Regulus, the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo. This mighty star is associated with Fereydun, the mythical king of Persian lore who was prosperous but lost his kingdom when he engaged in revenge.
This eclipse is at 28 degrees, 52 minutes Leo by Tropical measurement. Therefore, whatever planets and angles you have in direct aspect to the lion’s fixed sign energy are going to be alchemically changed intensely and immensely!
Austere acts of self-discipline as in internal cleansing or fasting for a day are to prove greatly rewarding. Therefore the time between Luna’s covering of the Sun and approach to the New Moon is of the utmost importance for meditation, devotion and gratitude! This total eclipse is at 1:10:06 pm Eastern time. The New Moon is at 2:30:06 pm eastern time.

It is advised to do nice things for yourself and others in the days surrounding this celestial event and avoid temptation! The amazing Persian poet Rumi wrote, “Weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore.” Ah, if only our leaders could behave with compassion for the earth and all of our resources.
Eclipse sequences happen two times yearly and set the mood for the proximal six month period. For those in the United States, this Total Solar Eclipse supercharges seeds being planted now and is sure to profoundly change lives forever.
I am available to give you guidance as to how to put this energy to focused good use. Contact me for your appointment today and wish you blessing on this once in a lifetime eclipse! Remember, keep looking up, the stars are here to guide you and I am here to help you navigate!

With love and magick always,
Ambika Devi