Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn December 6, 2017

Retrograding Mercury has swooped back to connect with Saturn in Sagittarius. While the two converse today it is a good idea to get things cleaned up. If you have stagnant situations in stalemate, this could be the needed push to get them handled and cleared out.
Mercury backpedaling in his own sign of Gemini inspires possibility. Today, as he connects with Saturn in the sign of the archer, we are given an opportunity to look at the conversations of the last few days and those that are yet to be initiated.
The re-evaluative actions of this current transit to your natal chart shows the area in life where this is much needed. Ask yourself what you have sitting on the back-burner that needs to be brought forward. Are there structures or constructs in need of review and rehabilitation?

Oh so often there is much chatter pointing at the destructive nature of the trickster in retrograde. We are privy to murmurs warnings not to sign contracts, not to travel. I prefer to show you the proactive use of such energy.
The truth is, that a journey which takes place in the middle of Mercury retrograde is often wonderful. The key is to depart and return during the retrograde. It is when we begin or end outside of the margins set by his stationary points that we experience challenge.
A retrograde of any planet—and keep in mind they all do have retrograde periods of sweeping back degrees and sometimes a sign—is an opportunity! All the words you can come up with that begin with the letters “R” and “E” come into play. Here is a great list to help you. Look at the planet and its nature. In this case Mercury, the swift and often comical messenger. Words I am already experiencing this go-around are: Relax, read, renew, reveal, review, retrospective, reconstruct, remix, and rehabilitate. The contact of Mercury with stable Saturn gives a stronger foundation and infuses your ability to ground this into a useful and interconnected outcome. 
Look over 2017 and ask yourself what you would like to complete. Then make a plan and begin to think about whom you would like to engage as a strong ally. Mars is sextile to the pair lending a boost of balance in his last days in Libra as he moves onward December 9, into his home sign of Scorpio.
As 2017—a number 1 year—comes to a close: 2+0+1+7=10=1, realize that you have dropped many seeds. Perhaps you are aware of them, perhaps not. Any good garden needs a bit of care and weeding. Do all the clearing and renewing you are able to muster before the next New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18. This sets a tone for 2018, a master number year of 11 thus 2, when we embark on new partnerships and the journeys they bring
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Remember, life is how you planet!
Keep looking up; the stars are there to guide you. It always helps to have a great navigator and I am at your service! I send LOVE to you and your relations wishing you all the best in 2018!