Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mars Perihelion this July

Mars is now the brightest orb in the night sky outshining Sirius. This is due to his current perihelion path. He is going to reach his closest proximity to our blue planet on July 27. In addition, Mars is to go station—the appearance of standing still—on June 19 and begins a retrograde cycle on June 20. 

This picture is Mars in the evening sky June 9, 2018.
Anything on your drawing board that you want to bring to fruition can be focused on now as the red planet approaches this celestial event. In planetary relationships Pluto is the Alchemist and Mars inflames the fires. Both are responsible for rulership of Scorpio. This gives us a lot of potential for transformation and change but also for destruction. So, if you have anything you have been having a hard time letting go of, the next few months are going to help.
On July 27 Mars is going to oppose the Sun in Leo. This carries a lot of fire. Are things going to burn down? We shall see. I suggest exercising a great deal of care with flames and fires especially in conversations and relationships.
We can also put this to good use. If you have a project that you have had sitting on the back burner, now is the time to bring it forward and get it done. If you have any volatile conversations waiting to happen, I also urge you to handle them now.
We are sure to see many amazing creative breakthroughs in the media during these next few months as Mars completes his retrograde cycle on August 27. There can still be lingering effect through September 30 when Mars reaches his starting point for this progression.
How this affects you depends on where this transits your natal chart. I am available for natal and transit readings by phone and Skype as well as in person. 
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Keep looking up! The stars are here to guide us and I am your navigator!
Love, Ambika Devi