Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pisces Solar Eclipse—feeling it already

That's the thing about the sign of the two fishes—feelings.
This past week I have spoken with many who ask me why it feels like Mercury is still in retrograde even though the messenger went direct weeks ago and what is going on.
Indeed it feels like a tidal wave of nebulous sensations is washing over us.
Dreams have become misty and those of us who enjoy clarity are finding less and less of it.
Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is definitely responsible for all of this.

The trident wielding, ruler of the waters is laying it on us now.

So, just for tonight, I recommend staying inside. There is no need to look for the eclipse if it is already night in your corner of the world. The shadow begins of the coast of California and travels across Indonesia. As I said on the radio last Sunday, let's all keep our eyes on the Pacific rim for earthly response.

The next two weeks leading up to the paired Lunar eclipse are sure to show many unexpected events just in time for the political races. Large waves of emotions are splashing around. Stillness is better than fighting the currents. For now, just stay peaceful and calm and perhaps take a bath and honor the watery realm.

For insights as to how this all affects you directly, contact me for a consultation. May you float gently with the tides.

May peaceful dreams grace you.
Love,  Ambika