Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Hunter's Moon October 24, 2018 12:45:04 p.m. EDT

Today's Full Moon at 1ᵒ Taurus with the Sun at 1ᵒ Scorpio conjunct retrograding Venus at 4ᵒ Scorpio. Nearby are Jupiter and Mercury also in the fixed sign of Scorpio.

Intense attraction is likely to spontaneously occur so keep your eyes open and ask yourself if you are making good choices. This combination can easily lure you in a questionable direction and given all of the fixed signs at play here downright stubborn!

When the moon is in the sign of the bull it is exalted. Uranus is conjunct Luna adding a burst of the unexpected. Keep your eyes wide and be ready for anything and by all means put this to good use!

The Sun has just slipped into Scorpio luring you into the depths of your dreams and psyche. Go ahead an do a bit of clean up. Spring is not the only time of year for this! Now is an ideal time for internal cleansing as well as a household purge.

Be sure to look up in the sky this weekend after the sun sets to locate these planets:

Do you have a gratitude practice? This is the perfect time of year to begin one. Grab a journal and make a habit of writing three things in  the morning and again three things at night that give you a full-body-sensation of happiness and gratitude. This moon is the perfect time to begin!

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Monday, October 8, 2018

New Moon in Libra tonight at 11:46:44 EDT

New Moon in Libra tonight at 11:46:44 EDT. Venus—Libra's ruler—is retrograde in Scorpio inspiring a possible purge, while Mars her lover is trine the lunation giving us a surge of energy. This could be showing up in love and social matters depending on where it is transiting your natal chart. There is definitely magick afoot. Allow yourself some space with hard aspects from Neptune on the Lunar event also. Watch your cravings and curb your appetite! A friend asked me if Mercury is retrograde and the answer is no! The feeling of that sort of confusion is due to Mercury in opposition to Uranus as well as his close proximity to retrograding Venus. That project you are trying so hard to push through needs more patience. The solution is not going to be what you expect. Use your intuition to guide you through the little bumps and relax. This is not the time to be pushy!