Thursday, June 23, 2016

What does the glyph for the sign of Cancer mean? Look more closely it is not the number 69!

Long before the Zodiac signs were related to animals they were represented by numbers and explained through sutras—poetic phrase. The sign we call Cancer is sign number four.
This is an area which represents contentment and deeper rooting. The heart and emotional capacity as well as a sense of home and security are established here. It is where an individual begins to thrive through understanding and is given the opportunity to gain autonomy. The Lunar Goddess rules all of this and her phases lead us through monthly patterns associated with this ebb and flow of evolutionary progress.

The symbol of the sign number IV Cancer, is easily mistaken for numeral sixty nine, but it is not!
Look more closely and you can see the two circles which represent the new and full moon and two crescents which represent the 1st quarter and the last quarter phases.

The crab was chosen as the animal to represent the sign due to habitual behavior like considering home and collecting of great importance as well as nocturnal preference. Perhaps also due to the claws resembling the path of the Lunar orb!
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