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Moon Wisdom September 5, 2013 7:36:07 a.m. EDT Jensen Beach, FL© Chica de las Estrellas

I guess I never got over the idea that the New Year is in September. It must be because the calendar of my ancestors begins on the moon of the autumnal equinox here in the northern hemisphere. Every year I just feel like this is the time when I am supposed to break out new ideas and make changes. So, here I am doing it.

The new name for the New Moon Astrology is “Moon Wisdom” I hope you like it!
The name has morphed over the years and suddenly, this just popped into my head. When you think about it, which is what the New Moon in Virgo expects of you, it really does make sense. The lunar month of the earthy maiden is all about fresh new beginnings. She loves to have us sift through and evaluate our behaviors and patterns in hopes that we can find newfound resourcefulness. Her motto is “Work smart, plan and sort what you believe is a good investment of energy.”

September is when school begins and the seasons shift. Often it is a time to take a last vacation or to indulge in relaxation before the last quarter of the year. I have good news for you. September is going to be a much better financial month than this past August was. Are you smiling? I know I am.

Today the New Moon in Virgo gains sustaining power from a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This alone is sure to create breakthroughs in consciousness for many. I can only hope it shows up in some of the software glitches I have been sustaining from recent upgrades that are more beta than finished. What I am saying is, that lately many of us have been releasing finished products when they should sit and stew a while longer. You know how soup or a pot of fresh cooked beans always tastes better if you let it cook slowly and sit to rest over night? This is what is going on with projects and ideas. The message: take your time. Let it rest a bit.

Add to this the Sextile to the Sun and Moon by the poetic giant, Jupiter in the sensitive sign of Cancer. He would love you to dash off into the next project or blow this current one up by over stuffing it until it spills all over the floor. The best advice I have is to resist the urge and just let what you have completed to this point just be for a while.

September 9 Mercury breezes into the airy sign of Libra. The symbol of Libra is a set of scales, the kind that hangs and weighs against one another. It is the only inorganic form in the zodiac. The scales represent your power of discernment. Use it this month while the messenger visits this sign. Here he is influenced by the Venusian effect of beauty and comfort. This is encouraging many of you to splurge a little either in your choice of words or the ability to recharge in silence.

Speaking of Venus, she dives deeply into to Scorpio September 9. This induces a surge of desire and a gnawing hunger for passion and pleasure. The challenge of Scorpio’s Plutonian ruled realm is that if things aren’t working we have a tendency to pile them in the yard and set them aflame. Really think this out if you suddenly feel the need to just clear things out. Simplification is good. Destruction can be regretful.

There is a kind of interesting mid-month bump in the road that forces us to face the mirror of the soul. This all occurs in the sign of the scorpion over a four-day period from September 15 to 18. The first influence is Saturn conjunct the North Node of the Moon. These two force a shakedown to your foundational core. If things are not going to work out, you will now have the evidence. The trick is to be honest and recycle all of this. If you cling to it, you will find later that letting it go was indeed the wiser choice. Lovely Venus is in close proximity to these two with a convergence on the 18th. Wherever this happens in your natal chart is in for some serious rebuilding and change. Knowing this is very helpful and sets the tone for the next few months. Call me to make an appointment and learn how to handle this: (772) 233-8229. Wish big on this event as this is the kind of star that brings hopes and dreams into fruition. I suggest you begin talking about it now to get your desires lined up with your creative energy.

Those of you who work in the medical field are going to have a busy spell September 18 to 20 when the Full Moon is in Pisces. Luna is at an exact trine angle to this conjunction September 19. If you are a creative person looking for answers I suggest a walk in the moon light September 18 while asking for guidance. Images are sure to grace your dreams this night.

The molten fires of Pluto’s forge beam a direct Sextile to the craggy mountain of Saturn September 20. These two are in mutually receptive signs meaning: they are each in the ruling sign of the other. Therefor Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio. This is structurally sound and a great time to transform the projects you have been working diligently on.

The Sun moves into Libra September 22 which marks the Equinox and the change of seasons. As I mentioned in the beginning, to me this is the New Year point. I love the energy and inspiration to refresh and start anew that this brings me each year. I hope it does the same for you as well.

Mercury the messenger begins an extended stay in Scorpio September 29. This lasts through December 4 due to an upcoming retrograde period that takes place from October 21 to November 10. During this time we are provided with a great opportunity to clean up the communication and make profound transformations in our relationships both personal and at the workplace.

I wish you a very productive month of mastery over your new projects and ideas. May they bear fruit for a bountiful harvest!

I invite you to read on for my predictions for the 12 signs. See my next post: Horoscopes for September 2013

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